Essex River Race 2009  


Blackburn Challenge - Hall of Fame

More Details to follow.

  • Jon Aborn
    • Jon has participated in almost all the events, winning his division many times.
  • Phil Bolger
    • Phil is a local well-known boat designer and the person who came up with the original idea for the Blackburn Challenge back in 1966
  • Doug Bushnell
    • Doug is a well-known kayak designer and long time participant
  • Mike Dreher
    • Mike was the fastest single person over the first 25 years (rowing single, 1996 - 2:30:37)
  • Sarah Evertson
    • Sarah is a long time participant in kayaks, having won many times
  • Joe Glickman
    • Joe has been the top performing surfski paddler in the history of the Blackburn, competing in 17 races, winning in 2000 and 2004.
  • Al Peirce
    • Al was a long time member of our committee. He has completed all but 4 Blackburns, having done his first in 1991. He knows more about Howard Blackburn then anyone we know. He has paddled in Newfoundland were Blackburn landed in a small fishing village after 5 days in a terrible snow storm.
  • Henry Szostek
    • Henry, past president, member for the whole life of the club and the only person who has done all of the events (26 so far).
  • Jimmy Tarantino
    • Jimmy is a Gloucester local who has been rowing banks dories for a very long time. He was also on the Survivor Show a few years ago.